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About Our Company

Job Midas help connect talents with right companies.

Job Midas ideas starting in pandemic years when world faced uncertainity, especially in jobs field. Job Midas that times intended to give convenience to jobseeker to search their proportional jobs which fit their skills and experience. And in the end recover their economic condition.

In Employers side, Job Midas intended to give full resources to employers, either corporation or small business to get their right staff to advancement their business.

We know, Job Midas still far from perfect. But we will keep fix our line of business so it can fill equilibrium in Jobs Market. That is why Job Midas keep inovating and will launch many feature to help you to adcancement of your career and business.

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Our Featured Services

A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

  • 1

    Advertise A Job

    Find your right talent for business. Our platform will connect between right talents to right companies

  • 2

    CV Search

    Next Feature we will add is CV Search. So You can easily find your talent via CV Search

  • 3

    Recruiter Profiles

    Next Feature to come. Search Jobs based on your recruiter profile. Find your dream company.

  • 4

    Temp Search

    Search the Jobs which offer temporary time. It's fit if you want to add your experience.

  • 5

    Display Jobs

    Displays your jobs on our audience with Featured Jobs feature.

  • 6

    For Agencies

    We always open to work together with cool Jobs agencies. Contact Us to working and partnership with us.