What Companies Are In The Energy Field : 7 Best Companies Based On Revenue

What Companies Are In The Energy Field

The energy industry is booming right now, and it’s an exciting time to be looking into a career in this field. Even more so, if you’re searching for the best energy companies as well. In case you didn’t know, energy companies are responsible for everything from producing and transporting oil, natural gas, coal and other minerals to plants that produce electricity through burning these resources. Because of this broad scope of responsibilities and the need for many people with a variety of skills, the energy industry is flourishing right now. And with that comes fantastic opportunities for people who want to look into a career in the energy sector. Therefore, we’ve come up with some list of on Largest Companies Are In The Energy Field in based of revenue.

What Companies Are In The Energy Field In Terms of Revenue:

1. China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

The biggest revenue generated in energy sector still in hand on CNPC. This PetroChina subsidiaries still the leader in energy market with revenue 435.1 billions dollar generated on 2021. Founded in 1988 in Beijing, this largest companies in oil and gas sector actively operated and mining in many places like Asia and New Zealand. Since they are largest player in energy market, they had many open position you can try on.

2. Sinopec (China Petrochemical)

Still from China , the second largest revenue generated is Sinopec. With 2021 report show they made revenues 424,8 billions dollar from operation. They actively drilling in many places. But, the interesting part is they are not pure oil and gas player. Sinopec also produces many derivatives of petroleum products like ethylene, synthetic fibers, resin or fertilizers. So, they have various jobs linked and many positions open not only in energy field itself but also chemical field.

3. Saudi Aramco

The best companies from Saudi Arabia and largest companies in the world by market cap. Saudi Aramco has long history as key market player in energy field. Founded in 1933, this companies has many subsidiaries and have second-largest proven crude oils reverse in the world. In case what companies are in the energy field which have largest market cap, Saudi Aramco is the answer. They made 400,4 billions dollar in 2021 alone. Make them as largest revenue generated companies in MENA area. Consider their long history, they have complete energy field facility from refining and shipping. So, you can expect many good energy position open.

4. Exxon Mobil

Exxon mobile is the key energy player for North America and have their own long history. Their root started from companies made by John Rockefeller , Standard Oil and still strong until now as leader in energy field. In 2021 alone, they made 285,6 billions dollar from their operation . Exxon has many subsidiaries  which not only in energy business but also in chemical industry. So, you can expect various jobs open for them.

5. Shell

From United Kingdom, the Shell companies is market leader on Europe continent . Their 2021 revenue still strong in 272,6 billions dollar. Their integrated energy production is key of why they are still standing in energy market. They have solid operation in every area of oil and gas industries from exploration, refining, shipping, power generation and power trading. And interesting part from Shell is they operated in 99 countries in the world . Make them has vast jobs position. It’s interesting companies if you want looking career in energy sector.

6. TotalEnergies

Second largest key player in Europe. Total Energies has longest root in Europe. Founded in 1924, they have many field operation and supply many countries especially in Europe. In 2021 alone they has made 205,8 billions dollar from their activity. Make them solid companies in energy sector in Europe. The interesting point is, Total has largest scale chemical manufacturing. So you can expect their various position not only in oil and gas position but also chemical position.

7. Chevron

In case you looking vast producer in energy market, you must be know Chevron. After all they had operation in 180 countries around the world. Make them as solid energy player and one of biggest in industry. Chevron, like Exxon too is descendant of Standard Oil made by Rockefeller. They have  solid revenue in 2021 with 162,4 billions dollar. Even not as big as Exxon in term revenue, what made Chevron unique is their actively to shift to renewable energy. So, if you are looking for position which had connection with renewable energy sector, Chevron is one of companies needs to reconsidered.

That is our outlook about energy field sector companies. We hope this will answer your question about what companies are in the energy field by the revenue and become your insight is the energy field is the right career for you or not. If you already decide that the energy field is valuable for your career choice, it’s time to prepare for your resume and get ready to your interview. But , if you decide the energy market right call for you. Enjoy our article about other sector outlook to broaden your choice.