Is Transportation A Good Career Path? A Market Outlook

Is Transportation A Good Career Path

Becoming a transportation professional is not an easy choice. The working conditions are not ideal, and the pay isn’t high either. However, being a transportation professional can be an excellent career path for those who are willing to put in the effort. These jobs offer a unique combination of challenge, creativity, independence, and autonomy that many people will find rewarding. This article looks at careers in the field of transportation and explains whether Is Transportation A Good Career Path for you and your interests.

What is a Transportation Professional & Is Transportation A Good Career Path?

Transportation professionals are people who use their knowledge and skills to manage various aspects of transportation systems. Their work includes planning and regulating transportation networks, inspecting and maintaining transportation infrastructure, as well as providing customer service. Transportation professionals work in fields such as traffic engineering, transportation planning, transportation security, public transportation, freight transportation, and more. Transportation professionals have a wide variety of job titles and responsibilities. Some may have titles such as transportation manager, transportation planner, transportation engineer, transportation inspector, traffic operations manager, traffic operations supervisor, traffic operations engineer, traffic operations inspector, etc. Regardless of the title, they all work to improve transportation systems and make transportation more efficient.

Job descriptions for transportation professionals

In addition to the job duties listed above, transportation professionals may also have responsibilities such as: -Determining transportation needs – Demographic and economic trends, population growth, and changes in travel patterns are all part of the transportation decision-making process. Professional transportation decision-makers need to be aware of the implications of these trends for transportation networks. -Designing and implementing transportation systems – If we have no roads, railroads, ports, or airports, travel would be very difficult. Transportation professionals are responsible for creating and maintaining these networks. They need to consider a range of factors when creating and managing these systems including traffic flow, safety, cost, etc. -Planning and regulating transportation – Professional transportation decision-makers may be involved in aspects of planning, regulatory oversight, and financing transportation. This can include managing grant programs, developing long-term strategies, and helping to set policies and laws that govern transportation.

Transportation Careers: What to Expect From Each Field

Traffic operations: Working in traffic operations, also known as traffic management, may be the best place to begin a career in transportation. This career may involve everything from traffic control to improving safety. Transportation managers, engineers, and planners may work in this field at various levels of the transportation organization. – Transportation planning: Transportation planners develop long-term transportation plans for communities and states. Federal, state, and local governments often turn to planners to ensure that transportation systems are in sync with growth and economic changes. Transportation planners are often involved in aspects of traffic control as well. – Freight transportation: This is often referred to as supply chain management, and it involves planning and managing the transportation of goods and materials between factories and ports of entry. Companies that rely heavily on shipping may hire professionals with freight transportation experience.

Job Outlook for Transportation Professionals

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for transportation professionals will continue to grow. The median salary for transportation occupations was $51,920 in May 2016. This is projected to rise to $55,110 by 2026. Growth may be especially good in areas such as aviation, freight transportation, marine transportation, and traffic operations.

So do you have interest to build career in transportation or decide Is Transportation A Good Career Path? Before your choose, find out our other outlooks about career and after that, you can prepare for your resume and practice for interview to get on the right job.